A person seated and reading to a small group of people.

The Novella Writers’ Foundation is a registered non-profit organization based in NYC, supporting writers at all stages of their journey.

We facilitate programming, community, and financial support for writers everywhere, with a focus on uplifting underrepresented voices.

Two people seated on stools having a conversation. Two people seated on crocheted poofs having a conversation.
A person seated and reading to a small group of people. A person seated reading to a small group of people. An image of a small group of people sitting together in conversation.
“Everyone, it seemed, was sharing something — a smile, a story, a willingness to listen.”
“Some work in advertising or fashion, while others are award-winning journalists, but they are all there to write and share with each other.”
“The desire for cultural gatherings centered on literature, camaraderie, and good conversation is stronger in modern society than ever before.”
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