About Us


Novella exists to give all women a space where we respond to the world through written and spoken word. We are a community of women who love to write, want motivation to continue writing, and are open to sharing these written works with like-minded people. 

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We are committed to amplifying stories often unheard and creating a destination where all women are invited to share their journeys and learn from each other in an intersectional manner. 


The Three Pillars

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1. You Must Write

Novella is, at its core, a writing club. We are gathering over a shared love of written work and a similar adoration for storytelling. We provide our members with a means of accountability and utilize these prompts to make time for ourselves and what we love.

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2. You Must Be Willing to Share

Writing can be a very private thing. However, there is comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your thoughts or beliefs. There's a release that comes from storytelling and we give our members the freedom to chase that feeling.

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3. You Must Be Curious

However, Novella is more than a place for personal unloading and expression, it is a place for us all. Novella is a source of enlightenment as much as it is a place of relief, so our members are active listeners as well as avid writers.


Our Team


Founder & CEO

Abby Adesanya


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Editorial Director, The Stacks

Leeann DelHoyo Duggan

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Editor-at-Large, The Stacks

Roxanne Fequiere


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Editorial, The Stacks

Sandy Sanchez


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Editorial, The Stacks

Lourdes Avila Uribe


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Director, Social Media

Kelsey Olsen



To collaborate with us on content, an event, or a partnership
you have in mind, reach out to us at hello@novella.nyc.