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“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” – George Eliot


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Founder's Letter


If you live in New York, I'm sure you've noticed a couple brown leaves here and there, a gust of wind that held the slightest chill, or the sun fading away a little sooner than we've enjoyed the past couple months. It's impossible to ignore and it arrives without question: it's Change – which, fittingly, is our September prompt!

Personally, I'm fairly resistant to change. The first thing I say to someone who asks me to do something unexpected or out of my rhythm is "I'm scared." At this point, it's mostly a reflex, but for a long time, it had its merits. I was scared of anything that possibly could end badly, anything that could make me look silly, anything that required the assistance of another person

Risk-taking was not in my DNA.

I'll be honest and say there a few things that shifted my mindset around change, but nothing was more impactful than sending cold pitch emails to or "Random Person at Dream Publication I Found on LinkedIn." If you asked me one year ago whether I'd be down to shoot an email into space addressed to someone I didn't know, and not just any email, but one that asked a favor inside? I'd call you bananas.

The beauty of a cold email, though, is that sending one not only changes you personally but also holds the possibility to change an outcome. When your career evolves into one where you are your biggest evangelist – and our very special Selected Speaker will be able to lend her insight on this –

you really have no choice but to continually put your neck on the electronic line.

I stepped wildly outside of my comfort zone by pressing Send on many a request throughout the growth of Novella. I grasped at thin links to make a connection (I know Jessica who once did a freelance project for your roommate!!) and I might be what you call an "above average user" of But it's all worth it for the best feeling of all time: a response.

And a cold email is what led to a connect which led to a response from LIVELY, the lingerie/active/swimwear brand that our dreams are made of. Today, I'm so excited to announce that we will be hosting the rest of our salons in 2018 within their Experience Store, located in true neighborhood goals, Soho. LIVELY's priorities lie in women and community, and they are laser-focused on creating pieces that invite us to feel wonderful & comfortable underneath it all. We'll be able to accommodate even more of you this time around, and we're so excited to continue telling our stories in the incredible space.

So, what's next?

Look out for the RSVP going live next Tuesday and thanks for sticking with Novella during the August hiatus. Can't wait to see where this Fall takes us.

Abby Adesanya
Founder + CEO

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