Marjon Carlos gave us the good word on change (+ a call for submissions!)


Hello and welcome to Fall! On Tuesday, Novella welcomed Marjon Carlos, cultural critic and former Senior Fashion Writer at digital powerhouse,  while our community shared their writing on the topic everyone can relate to: "Change" Read on for details, along with your chance to share your stories with the Novella community.

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"As a woman, I have no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world..” — Virginia Woolf



Change: The Recap

Today, more than ever, I felt the morning chill of an Autumn day – a perfect call to the reason we all gathered at LIVELY this past Tuesday. "Change" was a topic that spoke volumes to us all, whether we considered the switchover of seasons (and oh, how rapid does that switch in NYC) or the various pivots in life that led us to where we are today. 

To touch on this prompt, we spoke to Marjon Carlos, a talented writer who has taken change and faced it head on - dictating her own path as she transitioned from a full-time gig at to the freelance lifestyle we all aspire to lead. But prior to sitting with Marjon, new salon attendees were welcomed with open arms (some joining us as newly arrived New Yorkers!) and familiar faces re-connected with friends, before breaking into groups to read their original pieces on the month’s prompt. 

(Swipe through below to see photos from the evening!)

From there, we sat with Marjon to have a candid conversation around change, its impact, its learnings, and how we can approach the ever-evolving experience that is being a woman of color in media and fashion. We touched on the positive effects on inviting in the bright side ("There's just so much that can come out of a bad situation"), shared a community-wide acknowledgement of needing better time management skills, and Marjon's clear as day thoughts on re: wanting a change in our lives and careers: "Just do it. If you want something to change, you have to be a participant in that."

Signed, sealed, delivered. 

An immense thank you to our hosts LIVELY, our partners in beverage and bites Winc and Sweetgreen, Marjon, and you.

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Have a wonderful pre-Friday!

Abby Adesanya, Founder & CEO

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