NEW! Women of Novella: The Facebook Group + Tuesday's Recap


Our warmest thanks to everyone who joined us for Salon No. 4, where we gathered at Lou & Grey's flagship store on 5th Avenue to explore Space (metaphorically speaking, of course). Couldn't make it out? Then this recap is the next best thing. Keep reading for every magic moment, plus some fun news to hold you over until March.

"Some people feel very small when they think about space. I feel more expansive, more connected to the universe." — Dr. Mae Jemison


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For Novella Women Everywhere

Request to Join: Women of Novella

In 2017, we promised to expand the reach of Novella outside of the big city we currently call home. There are so many writerly women from all parts of the country who have reached out to us to get involved and while we can't be everywhere physically (yet) – here is the latest in that mission.

Presenting Women of Novella, a Facebook group for Novella women. This group is for women who like sharing stories, for those who love writing poems, women who haven't written in years, ones who write everyday, those who have been to a salon of ours, and those who have not. This group is for all of us and we hope to build the same sense of community we've formed in NYC online with all of you.

We only ask a couple questions before entry but our goal is to admit all who share an interest in women's stories and sometimes writing them too. So, join us and share the link with your fellow literary ladies.

We'll see you there.

"All The Feels" in one feel-good shot.

"All The Feels" in one feel-good shot.

Space: The Recap


What happens when 40 literary ladies gather to explore space? It's expansive, exhilarating, and more than a little magic.

For February's salon, the women of Novella gathered at Lou & Grey's flagship store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. There, atop a sea of fluffy pink poufs, we reunited with old friends from previous salons, and welcomed many Novella newbies, in between sips of Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir courtesy of Winc, and soul-warming bites from Dig Inn (that was me going back for seconds).

After the free-form chill sesh, Novella founder Abby Adesanya gave some words of welcome, and we broke out into smaller groups to read scripts, short stories, and poems inspired by the theme of Space.

One attendee read a sharp, surprising short story about a woman who tells a very big lie to her movie-star boyfriend. Another shared a moving poem in tribute to a friend who passed away. A third offered a hilarious story about one woman's need to impress a date she's not sure she likes (Cat Person 2, anyone?). The room was alive with women sharing advice, encouragement, and feedback.

Finally, we turned our attention to the evening's selected speaker Tara Dalbow, an MFA student and poet, who blessed us with a selection of her rich, evocative poems that touched on themes of longing for sanctuary, and the need for women to validate and protect their interior space.

After a short Q&A, we said our farewells, exchanging numbers and Instagram handles, buzzing with the camaraderie and confidence that comes with sharing our work. Thank you to all who attended and make this thing so special. We can't wait to see you next time.


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Stay Tuned for March!

Leeann Duggan