Happy Tuesday! Find your RSVP inside for Salon No. 5.


In a perfect world, all of us had the day off yesterday. For those who didn't, don't worry: we have great news to make up for it. We've hit Salon No. 5, y'all! Scroll down to find what prompt we'll be writing on this March plus when and where you'll find us to share your piece. 

"The beginning is always today." ―Mary Wollstonecraft


In celebration of the greatest girls to ever do it getting back together again. Spice Girls by Christophe Gstadler, 1998.

In celebration of the greatest girls to ever do it getting back together again. Spice Girls by Christophe Gstadler, 1998.

Your Inspiration for March



This March, we invite you to reconvene with us at Lou & Grey as we explore our interpretations of the theme "renew". As always, you are welcome to respond to the prompt literally and figuratively: what it means to re-commit to an apartment for the first time, kicking off a new business venture, or coming back from a negative experience with a differing worldview. We want to know: what does "renew" mean to you?

You may respond to the prompt in whichever literary method you please: song, poem, short story, script, etc. All we ask is that you keep your work limited to a maximum of 2 pages or 5-7 minutes spoken aloud. 

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Salon No. 5


Where You'll Find Us

When: Tuesday, March 6 (Also founder Abby Adesanya's birthday! )

Where: Lou & Grey
138 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

What: Join us for our fifth salon as we gather once more in the super-cozy Lou & Grey Flatiron store. We’ll eat, drink, listen, and share, wrapping up with a reading by our Selected Speaker (submit your piece to hello@novella.nyc for consideration) and a brief Q&A.

Sips and snacks will return, provided courtesy of our favorites at Winc & Dig Inn.

Space is limited—RSVP* here but remember that when you do, you’re committing to attending and writing an original piece. Please click wisely - your RSVP takes up a seat!

*If you’d like to be considered for a Selected Speaker spot, please RSVP via the link above and email us your prompt response at hello@novella.nyc by Friday, March 2, 5PM EST.

All attendees should RSVP by Monday, March 5, 11:59PM EST, and arrive with a printout of your work for peer-to-peer discussion.

Friends of Novella

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See you on March 6!

Leeann Duggan