The Craft: Jinnie Lee, Co-Founder of STET & Freelance Writer/Editor


Welcome to the The Craft, Novella's monthly series where we converse with women (like you!) and highlight the thoughtful, analytical, and creative methods behind the work we do. Read on to find out more about Jinnie, a hard-working literary lady who prioritizes her rest, reads, and listens, plus some cool things our friends are up to that you'll want to be a part of.

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What is your name and what do you do? (Links welcome!)

I'm Jinnie Lee and I am a freelance writer and editor. 

I always work on several projects to maintain my freewheelin' lifestyle: In addition to pitching and writing articles for various websites, I'm a copy editor at Bandcamp Daily (which is the platform's editorial site), I'm a copywriter for the fashion label Halston Heritage, and I have a monthly book roundup series at W Magazine (which I do with my friend Maura, whom I co-run our books and writing site with).

Occasionally I'll also get asked by publications if I can take on stories. These can vary from regular editorial pitches to branded content assignments. I'm also working on my own personal screenwriting projects too, which I'd like to do more of in 2018.

Take us through 24 hours of your day in 4 sentences.

My day generally consists of finding places in my neighborhood (other than my own apartment) that have wifi that I can mooch for hours.

Today I'm at my part-time job at Bandcamp 'til 2pm, then I'll haul my laptop to another wifi spot that also serves food so that I can sustain there 'til 6pm, then I'll go to my gym (which also has free wifi), and then I'll go back home where I'll do more work but from my couch or bed. Once in a while I'll break up the day by meeting up with a publicist or another freelance pal who has a flexi sched.

Tell us one or two ways you practice self-care amid the workflow, whether your outlet is creative, therapeutic, or methodical.

I love to sleep!!!! I find that getting zzzzs is the best way to rejuvenate but people rarely give themselves the time to rest. I'm a bit of a night owl but I always force myself into bed early enough to give my body a whole eight hours of horizontal goodness. I use the Bedtime feature that's in the Clock app on my iPhone to track my progress.

What do you do to sharpen your craft or hone in on your skills?

I read a LOT of other people's work. Not only books and articles (which I read a ton of), but I end up learning a lot from, say, the (both good and bad) copywriting I see in subway ads, or friend's witty tweets and Instagram captions, or scrolling through a pub's site and seeing how they come up with their heds.

With screenwriting, I turn on subtitles for movies and TV shows so I can see how dialogue is written out. I love working through pieces with my editors or chatting with other fellow writers. I listen to writing-focused podcasts like Longform and ScriptNotes.

You’re taking off for the vacation/staycation of your dreams: what does your Out of Office message say?

Not today.

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