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Salon No. 8 was possibly our best yet, because we welcomed a most magical new member to the Novella family — poet Yrsa Daley-Ward, who chose our prompt "Beauty" and mesmerized us with readings from her new memoir "The Terrible."

Read on for details, plus a new opportunity to share your writing on Novella's The Stacks.

"With beauty, all things are bearable." — Yrsa Daley-Ward



Beauty: The Recap

There is deep beauty in owning your story and in telling it with truth and joy. That's what we learned from our magical night with Yrsa Daley-Ward, poet and author of a lyrical new memoir "The Terrible." 

Yrsa chose "Beauty" as our prompt for June, and as usual the women of Novella had much to say, in poems and essays written to make sense of our physical selves in the world, and to define and celebrate ourselves as beautiful.

Then, Yrsa took the stage (well, the couch), to read from her moving and startlingly original books of memoir and poetry. Actually, that's an understatement — Yrsa doesn't read, she performs and embodies her work, bringing to life its full spectrum of humor, sadness, and intense joy. Listening to Yrsa is a full-body and soul experience.

In a Q+A with Novella founder Abby Adesanya, Yrsa shared her best advice for writers. She recommended meditating to center yourself in your experience, not writing about a challenging experience as you're going through it, and, most emphatically, she told us to write first thing in the morning, before the demands of the day make themselves known, and most certainly before you hop on the internet. "Mornings are the best because you've been dreaming — everything is available to you then," Yrsa said.

Thank you as always to our hosts Lou & Grey, our partners in deliciousness Winc and ParadigmSchiff, to Yrsa, and to you.

And now, for some exciting news! Ever wish you could hear all the great work being shared at Novella salons — or share your writing with a wider audience? Now you can. Send the piece you wrote in response to our "Beauty" prompt to hello@novella.nyc, and we'll choose a few of our favorites to publish on our site The Stacks.

We can't wait to read your work, and see you next time.

Leeann DelHoyo-Duggan



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