The Craft: Meet Hardeep Gill, the NYC writer from London



Happy Tuesday! Welcome to The Craft, Novella’s monthly series where we talk to women like you and do our favorite thing: geek out about writing. We talked to Hardeep Gill, a multi-talented strategist and writer who recently published a book of poetry, about the spaces that inspire her, and how she wards off writer’s block. Scroll down to read about the secrets behind her craft.

Interviewed by Sandy Sanchez



The Craft: Hardeep Gill

What’s your name and what do you do?

Suppp! I’m Hardeep Gill, a writer from London who has made New York my home. During the day I work as a strategist for Team Epiphany, working across a variety of brands, and at night or whenever I get the chance, I tackle my own personal writing projects and throw parties with my friends for Silly Girls Club.

Right now, I’ve just started working on my next book, “I’m not the girl from Bend It Like Beckham,” a collection of poetry and essays.

We all get writer’s block from time to time. Do you have a writing totem or another object you keep  by your side to inspire you?

For me, it’s not so much a tool but more of an action. I know when I hit a wall it’s time to stop writing and get out there and do something else: see an exhibition, read some poetry, go down a Pinterest rabbit hole. A mini-break allows me to refresh and come back with a clear head.

Your self-published book, HIM., came out last year and is a collection of 27 poems about the role a significant person played in your life. How would you describe the feeling of holding your book for the first time?

I remember picking it up from the printers and I just cried. I felt like this is where the healing really started to happen. The project was so personal and one I had invested in all by myself, so there was this huge wave of satisfaction and gratitude that came over me. There's nothing like seeing your words in a physical, printed book. I felt closure. 


The right ambiance is essential for writers.  Where do you like to write and how would you describe your perfect workspace?

I knew early on that I wasn’t a night owl type. For me, it needs to be 5 or 6am, when the world is still and quiet. I can’t usually write to music but I have one Spotify jazz playlist that isn’t distracting. I like to sit up in bed, with a cup of tea, put a candle on and start the day. It also helps if my space is tidy.

If we’re talking about dream spaces, then it would be the beach or by the pool with an aperol spritz, ha!

Do you have any favorite writing supplies you can’t live without?

I’m a stationery aficionado! Goods for the Study downtown is like my personal heaven. I’m also a dedicated Moleskine user. I usually buy all of mine from Jenni Bick Bookbinding because they do an amazing personalization service.

I’ve also recently started using Appointed journals—the paper is DIVINE and so beautiful to write on. I’m particular about pens, too. I always have the Muji 0.5mm pen on me. Sounds intense, I know. But if I don’t have the right book or pen, I lose the will to write.


You’re taking off for the vacation/staycation of your dreams: what does your Out of Office message say?

I’m currently away working on my energy since my aura has been a little off. With the New Moon in Gemini, I need to recharge and align myself.

Thanks for understanding!


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