The Craft: Eva Recinos, Social Media Manager at LACMA


Happy 72°F Friday! Welcome to the The Craft, Novella's monthly series where we converse with women (like you!) and highlight the thoughtful, analytical, and creative methods behind the work we do. Scroll down to find out more about Eva, a freelance art writer and social media maven for one of the biggest museums on the West Coast.

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What is your name and what do you do? (Links welcome!)

My name is Eva Recinos and I’m the social media manager at LACMA, the largest encyclopedic museum on the West Coast. I'm responsible for the content that goes up on our channels and for keeping an eye on our mentions. I’m also a freelance writer with a focus on art writing, specifically on POC creatives. When I'm not writing about art, I am working on memoir pieces or personal essays. 

Take us through 24 hours of your day in 4 sentences.

I wake up and check notifications on both the LACMA and my personal accounts (I spend a lot of time on my phone). It’s about an hour to hour and a half commute to work so I read, write or listen to podcasts on the way.

During the day, I’m in meetings and creating/scheduling content to go up on the channels. Once I get home, I check notifications and email for a couple more hours and maybe work on an essay or send a new pitch.

Tell us one or two ways you practice self-care amid the workflow, whether your outlet is creative, therapeutic, or methodical.

I’m trying to read as much as possible — it really helps to spark my creativity and get me out of my head. I also tend to meditate before bed to help my mind stop racing. As someone with depression and anxiety, I have to keep an eye on basic things like taking my medication, getting enough sleep and eating well.

What do you do to sharpen your craft or hone in on your skills?

For social media, I’m constantly online. I like finding new accounts and seeing what other people are doing. I pay close attention to what engages me personally, so I can think of how to reproduce that feeling for our followers.

For my writing craft, I read pieces from writers I truly admire. And actually, being a strong writer helps with social media since it’s all about making an impact in a short amount of characters (even with the new 280 character Twitter feature).

You’re taking off for the vacation/staycation of your dreams: what does your Out of Office message say?

“I’ll probably check my email once in a while but I’m trying really hard not to k thanks.”

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