New Look & New Event! Storytelling in the Diaspora


A woman is the full circle. Within her is the ability to create, nurture, and transform. — Diane Mariechild



Founder's Letter

Hey hey!

I'm writing this letter from the comfort of my teenage bedroom and while it looks entirely different – the walls are stripped of the magazine pages I taped from corner to corner and there's now a leather couch where my computer desk used to be – it does feel a bit full circle to be penning this letter here.

Growing up in New Jersey suburbs where everything and everyone looked the same, my room was my escape. I remember after-school reading sessions spent devouring Gossip Girl, The A-List, and just about every other YA book series about well-to-do socialites, thanks to my library card. I would close a chapter on one of Blair Waldorf's Bergdorf benders and wonder if I'd ever really make it out to a big city.

Today, Novella is just under a year old and we have accomplished so much, become so close as a community, and traveled so much further than either I nor my wistful teenage self could have ever imagined. 

For a while, we've wanted to update our brand to include more of the vibrance, liveliness, and joy our members experience at our events – hence the celebratory GIF of colors you see above! As a result, we've undergone a bit of a makeover thanks to the amazing duo at Work By and we're so excited to share our brand new vision with you. Please check out our fabulous new website and let us know what you think.

As if that wasn't enough to celebrate, we've got Salon No. 7 tonight with Raven Ishak of The Chill Times and an incredible panel on international storytelling with our friends at AWAY and Here Magazine coming your way. (This event is not a salon so there is no writing obligation, come to listen & chat!) Scroll down to hit that RSVP - space is limited.

Needless to say, this summer is going to be really amazing. We've got some great things in store so stay tuned - 2008 Abby with side-swept bangs thanks you.

Abby Adesanya
Founder + CEO


Event: Storytelling in the Diaspora