Bianca Valle on Following Her Gut Instinct


On Tuesday, artist, writer, and veggie-fanatic Bianca Valle visited our salon to talk about her pursuit of various art forms, her passion for running, Instagram, and not letting fear get in the way of her dreams. Read on for more from this passionate and hard-working, multi-hyphenate dream woman.


“I have this really amazing gut feeling.” — Bianca Valle


Bianca Valle  in conversation with Novella Founder  Abby Adesanya.  (Photos:  Hanna Yowell )

Bianca Valle in conversation with Novella Founder Abby Adesanya. (Photos: Hanna Yowell)

by Lourdes Avila Uribe

Much like our hair, taste in music, and career goals, the way in which we express ourselves evolves over time. A journaling fiend might grow into a person who prefers to catalogue their daily activities through photographs on Instagram. A baker may put down the spatula in favor of a pottery wheel. An aspiring set dresser may come to the conclusion that painting and writing are her passion (à la Bianca Valle).

So what better topic for a group of writers than that of expression? Novella salons are rife with creative musings of every form – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, &c. Our members came together on a cold, dark evening to share their own personal expressions with each other, and as always, it was a joy-filled and thoughtful gathering. 

As usual, the whole crew gathered at LIVELY, toasted with wine from Winc, and broke into small groups to read our original stories, poems, essays, and more.

All photos:  Hanna Yowell .

All photos: Hanna Yowell.


Then, Bianca took to the stage in conversation with Novella founder Abby Adesanya. An effortlessly creative person, Bianca has defined her career path on her own terms. Like so many of us, she's sought to express herself through various mediums in an effort to create connections and collaborate on projects that she's passionate about. Wearing multiple hats is the millennial way and Bianca makes the hustle look easy. 

Bianca spoke of her unique journey, which began with a bevy of internships at various fashion outlets. On a whim, she applied for an internship and realized that she had a heretofore unknown passion for fashion. 

"I was so struck by the magic of New York that I rode my dreams."

After that she became an NYC power intern, working at publications like Refinery29 and Nylon – until it ultimately folded and she was laid off. It turns out that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to her. She spoke of how the connections she made during her interning years made it possible for her to pursue other creative outlets, which led her to the wellness sphere.

Bianca now considers herself a freelance wellness advocate and is able to funnel her ardent love of self-care, art, writing, fitness, and veggies into her work. Like many of us, she works in different mediums depending on where inspiration lies. When people told her she just has to pick one art form, she was defiant – confident that she would be able to make her own way. Then she dropped this pearl of wisdom:

"Who am I to chop off my branches?" 

A true rallying call to any who have ever felt like a less-than-traditional path might be our calling as well. Bianca is all about embracing the side hustle to reach the ultimate goal and last night we all felt that sentiment deep in our bones. 

As always, big thanks to our hosts LIVELY, our partners Winc, the wonderful Bianca Valle — who wants to hear all your wellness questions — and you. 

Want to hear more from Bianca? Read our exclusive interview on The Stacks, and we'll see you next time.

Lourdes Avila Uribe, Editor

All Photos:  Hanna Yowell .

All Photos: Hanna Yowell.