Bulletin Board: Hot Take - Halloween is Trash, Plus Courthouse Weddings, and a Book About our Favorite Friends

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“Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address” - Nora Ephron

 by Lourdes Avila Uribe



I’m hardly alone in this sentiment, but no season makes me feel more like myself than fall. Call it the Libra in me, but every single year I wait with baited breath for the first signs of autumn – the leaves changing, the cool crisp air, apple cider donuts at the Farmer’s Market, and matted cotton cobwebs stretched thin across stoop railings. I want nothing more than to be ensconced in a dramatic wool coat while wearing a swipe of dark lipstick and stomping down the street in combat boots. Yes, dear reader, I am a seasonal baby goth.

But lest you be misled, let me make on thing very clear: while I love fall and firmly believe that there is no month more perfect than October, it does not mean that I in any way endorse the Halloween holiday. You must keep your scary-ass Halloween and horror-related hobbies away from me! Just because I want to cuddle up next to you while sipping a hot bev amidst candlelight does not mean I want to do it while watching a film about white teenagers running away from a masked man with a knife.

While I do enjoy the morbid and macabre, I’ve genuinely never enjoyed Halloween. This sentiment seems to be at odds with my deep love of October, leaving my loved ones perplexed. But the truth is that Halloween overwhelms me in every way – the candy hurts my teeth, the partying gives me intense social anxiety, and having to wear a costume in public is my idea of a waking nightmare. Yes, I’m a classic introvert, but my aversion to Halloween goes beyond just your everyday shyness. It’s an unease that runs deep, and that I can’t quite explain. And you know what? I feel bad about it. It’s no fun to be a wet blanket on what is ostensibly a fun-loving, universally beloved holiday. Surely I’m not the only one who feels this way?

Rest assured that this year I’ll once again spend Halloween from the safety of my couch, scrolling through Instagram and cheering along everyone else’s revelries. Any loneliness I might experience is eclipsed by the relief of knowing I don’t have to ride the subway with twenty frighteningly drunk clowns, swaying precariously. So come find me on November 1st and we’ll eat some Pan de Muerto and light candles.


Bulletin Board: October 2018

Novella member Chanice Hughes Greenberg, poet and founder of the Who is She newsletter, is presenting a reading with the writers featured in Who Is She’s Summer Literary Special issues. Join her and the Who Is She community for an evening of poetry and prose from Laura Henriksen, Alana Mohamed, Tania Pabon, and Rebecca von Laer on Sunday, October 28th from 5-7pm at 900 Fulton St. in Brooklyn.

  • I wrote about one of my many extremely niche fashion interests — Amy Poehler’s amazing collection of overalls on “Making It” — for Glamour, because we can all use a bit of a sartorial distraction these days.

  • Author Kelsey Miller’s new book, I’ll Be There for You, is released on October 23rd. The author of Big Girl is now exploring the Friends phenomena through a modern lens, and Kelsey truly explores it all — including, yes, Fat Monica, the show’s lack of diversity, and its portrayal of LGBTQ characters — with the wit, humor, and critical eye she’s known for.

  • Is there anything dreamier than a courthouse wedding moment? There’s something about the lack of pomp and circumstance — just two people in love who can’t wait to get hitched — that feels especially romantic. But, that doesn’t mean it has to feel low-key. In this article on Bustle, one of our fave frequent salon attendees Theresa Ukpo walks you through all the essentials you’ll need to make your courthouse wedding feel super-special.

  • We love to hear from our members who live abroad, like Josefina Marino from La Plata, Argentina! Josefina is not only a translator and 2nd grade English teacher, but she also organizes the school’s book fair for her students every year, sharing her love of books and reading with the little children who go to her school. Congratulations, Josefina!

  • Sex and Relationships educator Kait Scalisi has created an open, supportive, intersectional, and inclusive feminist space called Coffee, Kegels, and Conversation to discuss meaningful topics with good company and good vibes. This monthly gathering explores a new theme at every meeting through activities like intention setting, meditation, writing, conversation, and more. Learn more and save your spot at an upcoming group, here.  

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